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Untitled Sweety_lollipop project
Graphics and resources community
15th-Aug-2009 08:40 pm - New batch of icons - YAY!
I can't believe I actually made a batch of icons! I'm so happy!
I hope you guys like them. There's no much but It's something. Also I think I owe you an apologie, I know I've been like dissapeared, but I'll try to be back here!


Afterwards {Evangeline Lilly} 06
Ashley Greene 06
Kellan Lutz 05
New Moon 04
The Hurt locker {Evi&Jeremy} 03
Taylor and Kristen new photoshoot 06
Evangeline Lilly 05
Total: 35


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ღ Credit is nice
ღ Comments are love.
ღ Enjoy

10th-Aug-2009 08:23 am - New tutorial. Ashley Greene
Hey there. I miss my community! And making icons.. but I don't know if I'll do icons anymore. I want to but I'm just so blank with photoshop.. At least I could make a tutorial. Al always, you have to ask for the .psd
It's annoying when people don't even comment if they download something...
Don't forget to turn on the damn option hehe: -> Profile > Edit > Contact Info > LJ User Messaging > Receive messages from > registered users.


I won't explain it, since no one is gonna understand me..


It's very simple. Want .psd? Just ask!

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