New batch of icons - YAY!

I can't believe I actually made a batch of icons! I'm so happy!
I hope you guys like them. There's no much but It's something. Also I think I owe you an apologie, I know I've been like dissapeared, but I'll try to be back here!


Afterwards {Evangeline Lilly} 06
Ashley Greene 06
Kellan Lutz 05
New Moon 04
The Hurt locker {Evi&Jeremy} 03
Taylor and Kristen new photoshoot 06
Evangeline Lilly 05
Total: 35


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ღ Credit is nice
ღ Comments are love.
ღ Enjoy


New tutorial. Ashley Greene

Hey there. I miss my community! And making icons.. but I don't know if I'll do icons anymore. I want to but I'm just so blank with photoshop.. At least I could make a tutorial. Al always, you have to ask for the .psd
It's annoying when people don't even comment if they download something...
Don't forget to turn on the damn option hehe: -> Profile > Edit > Contact Info > LJ User Messaging > Receive messages from > registered users.


I won't explain it, since no one is gonna understand me..


It's very simple. Want .psd? Just ask!


More tutorials!

So I am not back, but I've made two icon tutorials. This time you'll have to play with them because I don't really have time to test them in a lot of different pics.
I think they're cool, so enjoy.

Please, please, please. Remember that you HAVE TO turn on the messages option.
How? It's simple. Just do this: -> Profile > Edit > Contact Info > LJ User Messaging > Receive messages from > registered users.

If it's not like this it means I can't send you anything!

For those who don't really know what I'm talking about, well, I don't give the .psd file without comment. You ask me for the .psd and I send it to you =)

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See ya soon guys, enjoy.

all of us are lost.

Hey there you guys! Finnaly updating my comm!

And oh, I re opened my LJ <3 so if you want to know me better or something you can just go there, but it's friends only :)
And you know, like always, if you give me a comment i'll send you a PM with the download link, you just must have the option on.

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I hope you like it <3

I think I'm moving but I go nowhere

Hey there! How are you guys? I'm a little bit depressed, because... I have only 14 years and I'm depressed! haha no way, I'm just sad, that's normal, it's weekend, and now is when I go wrong. Well, well, I have some icons, FINNALY! And I can say that I love all of them! I enjoyed (it's a regular verb? I hope so hehe) making them a lot ^^

Lost [59 icons]


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We take each other's hand

Hey there ^^
How are you guys? I can't believe that I'm posting a entry right now.. but no, there's no icons this time, sorry! But I have 3 icon tutorial for you :) I really hope you like it.

But.. I'm not giving .psd files without comment... so like the last time, you drop me a comment and I sent you a PM with the download link. I know it's pain but some people just download the tutorials and no thank you! Sorry :(


First one:


Translatable? No.
PSD? With a comment
Difficulty: Easy

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#005 Leave out all the rest

New batch of icons, yay!
And a little surprise inside :)

[01 - 52] Lost 504
[53 - 71] Evangeline Lilly & Matthew Fox EW photoshoot
[72 - 78] Kellan Lutz
[79 - 83] Twilight
[84 - 93] Lost 2008 Press Conference
[94 - 95] Daniel Craig
[96 - 97] Robert Pattz
[98 - 99] Evangeline Lilly


Thanks to luux_lu for the Lost screencaps.

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Ok, no like a BIG one. But I'm quite busy and I don't have the time I want to have to make icons and all the stuff. I just changed the layout and made a simple header. If anyone wants to know why those three It's simple. They are my favourite characters :)
Well, just wanted youto know that I'm still alive and I'll post icons when I'll have time.
By the way, what do you think about the change?
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004# The lie... (180 icons!)

Hey :) I really can't believe that I'm finnaly gonna update the community.
I don't have time [...] and when I wanna put my links on the icon table generator, the Mozilla always fails and ALL IS GONE!!
It's the most annoying thing and it's driving me crazy, It's like the damn thing don't wanna let me put my icons up! (And maybe I have to stop...I'm driving paranoic haha)

But well... In this batch: LOST!! "The lie" 502, none from "Because you left" 501, 'cause the caps download failed two times. I've made my first animated icon :) so there's one! Anyway, you will found some Natalie Portman, Jared Padalecki & Evangeline Lilly.

thanks to extant for the screencaps


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#003 God save the Queen

how are you guys?
I'm hea' with an update. I've made my first wallpaper! and yes, my first icon (better say, colouring) tutorial.

I've used the same colouring in the wallpaper of Nicole Kidman, so if you like it, you can download the psd!
I prefer not to explain every step of the tutorial, because I SUCK! I'm not good explaining... so... sorry, but I let you the psd. file.
[#01] Icon (colouring) tutorial.
[#02] Wallpapers [Twilight boys, Nicole Kidman

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